Appallicious is a data visualization company that creates products to help government better serve its citizens


The Community Resilience Platform (CRP) is the first daily-use, customizable, white label preparedness, planning, response and recovery platform developed for communities to build their own regional and local resilience platforms.


The First Full Life-Cycle Disaster Platform enabling citizens and government to plan, prepare, educate, assess, respond and recover to disasters large and small. White Label Solution


Providing the community and stakeholders with a daily use planning platform for economic development, business licensing, predictive modeling, potential climate threats, citizen engagement, and communication. Real-time analysis of a neighborhood. White Label Solution


The Code Enforcement Platform provides a single source in field and in office platform to access and upload real time enforcement data. Cross department capabilities. White Label Solution


Car Fax for Apartments. Providing potential renters a comprehensive report on the healthy history of an apartment, landlord, and the surrounding neighborhood.