Appallicious is a data collection and aggregation company that creates products to help banks, businesses and government create opportunity, savings, efficiency and value from all types of data


The Community Resilience Platform (CRP) is the first daily-use, customizable, white label preparedness, planning, response and recovery platform developed for communities to build their own regional and local resilience platforms.


The First Full Life-Cycle Disaster Platform enabling citizens and government to plan, prepare, educate, assess, respond and recover to disasters large and small. White Label Solution


We provide opportunity for Banks, Businesses, and Government to better evaluate risk and save money. Single or double source data sets prevent the ability for leadership to make truly informed decisions. We give you the ability to integrate any type of data set including predictive disaster models, IoT monitors, historic, shape, real-time, crowd-sourced and assets for complete contextual and situational awareness. This enables better decisions based on all the relevant data while optimizing planning and risk management.


The Code Enforcement Platform provides a single source in field and in office platform to access and upload real time enforcement data. Cross department capabilities. White Label Solution


Car Fax for Apartments. Providing potential renters a comprehensive report on the healthy history of an apartment, landlord, and the surrounding neighborhood.


IoT in context and at scale. Providing real-time integration and visualization of IoT devices for defense, disaster detection, insurance, monitoring and foreclosures. End to end, secure plug and play solution. We further provide the solution for IoT data that can be engaged with predictive, historic, real-time disaster, photo, and UAV data feeds. We are currently in stealth mode and can only provide more information privately.

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