Appallicious is a San Francisco based IoT and Big Data Startup. We have developed a data aggregation platform to create easy to use, rapidly deployable business, government, and consumer tools. We provide our clients with a white-label data dashboard stack (Tool-Box), to aggregate any type of data and deliver it in any type of environment (web, web mobile, native apps, mapping, reporting, or analytics panels) to manage, collect, engage and visualize IoT and Big Data in real-time, in context, and at scale.


Business and government struggle to create an interoperable Data Dashboard Stack and frequently need to hire at least 5 different vendors to create the Tool-Box needed to collect, aggregate, analyze, monitor, visualize and activate data at scale. GIS Dashboards, Native Apps, Web-Mobile Apps, IoT Monitors, Analytics, and Reports with multiple data sources/types/stakeholders, in real-time, are becoming an essential part of the Tool-Box needed for complete situational awareness and business intelligence. The market has been in desperate need of a single Platform that can deliver a comprehensive Tool-Box that provides stackable interoperable solutions.


While working with the White House, DHS, federal, state, and local government agencies, businesses, academics and non-profits for 2.5 years, we developed a unique platform for the aggregation of IoT and Big Data. Our objective was to provide multiple stakeholders the ability to integrate and aggregate any type of data in any format, and build an interoperable Tool-Box for Disaster and Resilience. We successfully developed the Disaster Assistance and Assessment Dashboard (DAAD Tool-Box) and were honored to be selected to present our work from the White House to the nation. We quickly learned the Private Sector needs a similar solution for their interoperable data dashboard stack. Whether it be Banks trying to manage and protect physical assets using IoT, or Insurance companies trying to assess risk using internal and external data sources, we are providing the Tool-Box needed to deliver their data dashboard stack.


IoT & Big Data Event Monitoring & Control Stack
IoT, Mobile App & Web Dashboard Stack
Local/Regional/National Data Aggregation Platform


The Appallicious Platform can integrate and aggregate all data types at scale including IoT, real-time, fleet, ESRI SHP, Google KML, social media, historic, predictive, crowd-sourced consumer, photo, UAV and in-field reporting into a simple interface for contextual awareness. The easy to use backend provides a permission based hierarchical multi-tenant admin and data infrastructure for cross department collab- oration and engagement. Built for everyday users. No Major Training, GIS or Data Specialists needed. Collecting data in buckets is now a thing of the past, we can make your data actionable and interoperable in any environment.
Easy to Use Backend
Hierarchical Infrastructure
Real-time Analytics and Reports


To compete in todays market, businesses and government need to rapidly prototype, pilot, and deploy data tools. Our Agile development process and flexible robust technology stack enables us to deliver a complete interoperable Tool-Box for your business needs accurately, rapidly, and at significantly lower cost than traditional agencies or internal development teams. For pricing please contact or call 415-302-4665.