Appallicious has created a first-of-its-kind mobile commerce platform, which allows government and business to create and manage their own custom mobile apps and generate new revenue through ticketing, reservations, merchandising, permitting and more via mobile devices and web widgets. The Skipittâ„¢ Platform enables government and business to generate revenue by leveraging your existing customer base and extending it via mobile. Appallicious is based in San Francisco, CA and is a Silicon Valley Innovation Summit A0250 to Watch Winner.

  • Mapping and Logistics The Skipitt Platform will generate maps for your custom mobile apps that are enriched with geolocation based information. Every point of interest, store, coffee shop, & parking garage will be displayed on your maps based on your users location via GPS and will provide directions to any facility you choose to direct them to, with photos and details of that location.

  • Green Ticketing The Skipitt Platform will enable you to create and manage digital and printable tickets for games or special events. Finally you are free to charge what you want, when you want, and your per ticket fees are counted in cents not dollars.

  • Concessions The Skipitt Platforms allows for you to have customers purchase any items while watching a game or live event. You may then notify customers through our CMS Panel when the order is ready or if it is sold out or you are having a special. This can reduce lines and provide the customer a better experience. We are working with POS vendors to integrate seamlessly with current systems and are happy to work with you on integration with third party vendors.

  • Merchandise The Skipitt platform and your custom mobile apps will turn your country, city, or business into one the most technologically advanced organizations in the world with no new capital investment. Takeout kiosks, drop shipments, sales, discounts, coupons, rewards programs and direct scans of catalogs could increase all merchandise sales by 20% within a year of implementation.

  • Parking Digital prepaid parking tickets can be created using the Skipitt Platform and will speed up processing of payments at any gate and will reduce traffic. Using a handheld device parking attendants can do a quick scan of the digital prepaid or prepaid printed receipt to reduce wait times and increase accountability.

  • Advertising Selling banner space or featured items such as beer, soda, corporate branding into the mobile site and apps per event or permanent placements will increase revenue and exposure for your corporate clients.

  • Reservations/Scheduling Skipitt will now enable you to display and notify your customers of upcoming events, classes, and availability for any reservation and let your customers book and pay right from their mobile phone. From the yoga class to the picnic table at the park, our reservation and scheduling system provides you with the power to go mobile.